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Best Online Payday loans in Canada
Best Online Payday loans in Canada
Best Online Payday loans in Canada
Two payments loans are only available for customers who get paid weekly, bi-weekly or twice a month.
Best Online Payday loans in Canada
Three payments loans are only available for customers who get paid weekly, bi-weekly or twice a month.
British Columbia

Short Term Loans

In 5 minutes, get as much as $1500 straight into your bank account

A short-term loan from Pay Day offers Canadians the kind of financial flexibility and security they need. Often called payday loans, these kinds of lending products provide a lump sum cash payment, which is they repaid (with interest), typically after the borrower’s next pay period. Pay Day has taken this process several steps further and brought short term lending into the 21st century with a fully online, instant, no-hassle lending process.

At Pay Day, you can apply for a flexible cash advance loan entirely online. There are no visits to offices, documents to sign and mail, faxes to send, or other wastes of your time. The application typically takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete online. Once submitted, it goes through an automated decision review, which includes a credit check. But don’t worry if you have bad credit – we don’t reject applications based on credit scores, and you’ll get a fair review like anyone else. After your loan application is approved, you can digitally sign your loan agreement, send it back online, and receive money in your bank account – as quickly as 5 minutes after we receive your signed agreement. And all of this without any physical paperwork or office visits. That’s lending for the way you live today!

Pay Day offers short term loans in Canada for bad credit and good credit customers. With flexible loan options, you can choose multiple repayment plan options, and take out a loan that’s sized to fit your individual needs. And since they are unsecured personal loans, Canadian citizens can use their new-found cash however they see fit. Our goal at Pay Day is to help our customers improve their financial situation and live better lives, by offering high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-obtain short term loans.

Online Payday Loans from Pay Day Offer Flexible Solutions for Quick Cash

Why Flexible Cash Advance Loans from Speedy Pay are a Smart Choice

Competitive Rates

Pay Day is a fully online lender. This means we can save significantly on overhead compared to traditional lenders. With no branch offices to pay rent and utilities on, and other savings that come from being an entirely digital operation, we can pass those savings on to our customers. This allows our lending rates to be competitive with most other major lenders, and often better than many other short-term lenders in Canada. A full and detailed listing of our latest rates, by province, is available on the Speedy Pay website at all times, and also fully disclosed as part of the application and loan agreement process.

Convenient Online Application Process

Flexible Safe Online Loans for Canadians

Our installment loans are highly customizable based on your individual financial needs. They are not a one-size-fits-all option. Our flexible loans can range in amount from $100 to $1,500, have repayment terms of 1, 2, or 3 payment installments, and vary in length based on your payment terms and income/pay period. We want to help you improve your financial situation, and offering flexibility and convenience are both part of our commitment to our customers.

Short Term Emergency Loan Funding For Your Individual Needs

Bad Credit is OK at Pay Day

One of the biggest reasons to choose Pay Day is that bad credit is OK – we don’t penalize you for having less-than-perfect credit. Our interest rates are fixed, based on the amount you borrow. We don’t charge more to customers with bad credit. Nor do we reject applications based solely on a bad credit score or credit report. All customers who apply for a bad credit loan at Pay Day get a fair approval decision, regardless of credit score.

Interest fees & transparency

Managing your loan
Interest fees & transparency

Interest Fees and Transparency

The cost of borrowing is calculated as a percentage of the amount borrowed and range between $15 to $23 according to the Payday loan legislation of each province:

Province Interest Fees & Transparency Late fee
Alberta $15 per $100 $25
British-Columbia $15 per $100 $20
Manitoba $17 per $100 $20
New Brunswick $15 per $100 $20
Nova-Scotia $17 per $100 $40
Ontario $15 per $100 $25
Saskatchewan $17 per $100 $25
Newfoundland and Labrador $21 per $100 $20

When you take a cash advance loan with Speedy Pay, you are always in complete control of how much money you will owe and there are no surprises nor hidden fees. Before signing your loan agreement, we will give you a breakdown of all the costs involved in your loan so you will be able to make an informed decision.

Getting your money
Repaying your loan
Repeat Borrowing
Late Fees
Payday Loans Online in Canada

Your Fast and Easy Payday Advance

Speedy Pay The hassle-free loan option.

No Document Fatigue

We know other companies require you to document your whole life. No need to worry about that with us. We won’t ask for faxes or letters, nor will we require you to come into our office to sign any documents. It’s all streamlined, online, for your convenience.

Borrow Online and Save

Not only does online borrowing make the whole process faster and easier, you actually save money! How? Because we don’t have all that overhead to run brick and mortar offices, we can pass those savings on to you in great, competitive rates. Taking out your payday advance loan online with us keeps more of that valuable money in your wallet.


That’s our touchstone. We know that everyone’s situation is different. Sometimes a little different; sometimes a lot. That’s why we offer a menu of options in loan amounts, loan durations and repayment plans. All to help tailor your loan to your specific needs.

Don’t Feel Defeated by a Credit Score

What we’re interested in is your ability to repay. Just because things went badly for you in the past doesn’t mean you’re not able to repay today. We use our advanced algorithm to take in the whole financial picture of your situation. But of course, we don’t want to contribute to making your situation worse, so our Code of Conduct directs us to never loan you any money we don’t think you’ll be able to repay.

Speedy Pay is a Direct Lender

Only dealing with a direct lender provides you the optimum level of consumer protection for your advance payday loan. Unfortunately, a lot of those offering you short-term loans online are not direct lenders, so you have to be careful. With PayDay you can rest assured, we are licensed to operate under both federal and provincial government regulations ensuring your financial safety.

No Credit Check | High Approvals

Get Up To $1,500 From a Safe Trusted Licensed Lender. Easy Application. Multiple Repayments, FAST e-Transfer.

We do things differently

Speedy Pay is a provider of short-term loans to help Canadians get on with their lives, when financial uncertainty arises. We provide safe and quick access to the funds that really make a difference in people’s lives.

Our fast, easy, transparent and secure lending practices allow you to get your life back on track, when unexpected expenses arise. When you need some help getting over a current financial challenge, we’re there to help.

Bad credit isn’t a deal breaker

If you’re worried about having bad credit, don’t let that stop you. It’s not the only criteria. We’re much more interested in your ability to make your repayments.

Don’t worry about documents

It’s an easy, real-time, streamlined process. We’ve already got the necessary evaluation tools. We don’t need all those pieces of paper.

Your pre-approval is minutes away

Any time of day, any day of the year, our fully automated decision system is ready to help you identify the best loan option to meet your needs. There’s no stressful waiting for an answer. Every application is reviewed and answered in just minutes.

Transparent costs

We want you to make the best informed judgment for your situation. All our fees are fully transparent and explained. Plus, we’ll answer your questions and provide you the financial planning tools that you need to make the smart choice.

Maximum charges permitted in Ontario for payday loan: 15% of the principal. We charge: 15% of the principal. For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost for borrowing = $45 Annual Percentage rate = 391.07%

Speedy Pay, proudly canadian owned and operated, offers personalized payday loans and fast cash advances to thousands of Canadians in Ontario (Vancouver, Surrey , Burnaby and others), in Alberta ( Calgary , Edmonton , Lethbridge , Red Deer , Wood Buffalo , Medicine Hat , Airdrie , and others), in Saskatchewan ( Saskatoon , Regina and others), in Ontario ( Payday Loans Toronto , Ottawa , Mississauga , Brampton , Hamilton , Markham , Niagara Falls and others), in Nova Scotia ( Halifax , Cape Breton , Dartmouth , Truro , Sydney and others) as well as in Manitoba ( Winnipeg , Dauphin , Morden , Portage La Prairie , Selkirk , The Pas , Winkler , Brandon , Steinbach , Thompson and others). Easy online payday loans in Canada, Same day fast cash Ontario, Online loans British Columbia, Get cash money in Alberta, Payday loan Saskatchewan.